Christian Marriage Counseling

Marriage is a sacred union between two people who love and are committed to each other, but just like with any relationship tainted by sin, some issues are expected to rise up. Every couple can struggle in their relationship to some level.

These issues don’t have to be insurmountable challenges. If they are worked through, they can open a way to deeper love and appreciation, and greater levels of intimacy. However, if left unresolved, they can grow into feelings of desperation, negativity, blame, and resentment.

The marriage therapists at Huntington Beach Christian Counseling are here to offer assistance while you work through the challenges before they get out of hand. If you are struggling in your relationship, or even feel like there’s no way to save your marriage, know that there are people who would love to help. You are not alone. Give Christian marriage counseling a chance to help rekindle the fire.

At Huntington Beach Christian Counseling, we are also offering a special program called Marriage Intensives. The program is constructed as a private marriage therapy that takes place during three days. You can learn more about this program on our page.

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Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Let us start by answer this question – given the research and our own years-long experience, we can safely say – yes, marriage counseling really does work.

People might struggle with seeking counseling primarily because they are not sure if it would work and help their marriage.

The scientific research shows that couples who seek counseling are 70-80% happier than those who didn’t. Our own experience has shown us that, even the couples that have struggled the most and were even dissatisfied with previous marriage counseling were able to find hope and restoration. So, our answer to the question does marriage counseling really work is a resounding YES!

Our counseling services are based on helping couples find healing through a faith-based approach, rebuilding a Christ-centered relationship.

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Is it Time for Counseling?

You might have heard all the negative statistics of marriages in the US, such as that half of the marriages in the country end in divorce. Such information alone leaves couples feeling like their relationship could be destined to end before it even begins.

However, the marriage success rates have been largely unreported! In fact, out of roughly 60 million marriages in the US, only about 20-25% of them end in divorce. Needless to say that this statistic doesn’t offer a perfectly good image of marriage success, but it definitely beats the gloomy prediction of your marriage having a 50% chance of working out.

Marriages require a lot of mutual trust, dedication, and hard work. There certainly are things that can harm your relationship and lead to divorce if left unresolved. At Huntington Beach Christian Counseling, we aim to assist and help the struggling marriages by rekindling hope through Christian marriage counseling. We provide accurate information about marriage, as well as tools for overcoming challenges.

Our approach is based on our love for God and His design for marriage unity. We assist couples to find effective, lasting, faith-based solutions. Christian marriage counseling can help you find hope and guidance regardless of the place you are in at the moment.

Christian Marriage Counseling Benefits

Consider giving Christian marriage counseling a chance. Our highly-trained counselors are driven professionals who are passionate about seeing marriages heal and excel. Our approach is based on individualized treatment, set up according to the specific needs of each couple. We are here to offer to work together with you, reaching specific outcome goals:

  • Learn healthy ways to resolve disagreements
  • Be more proactive in communication
  • Openly discuss your needs in a safe environment
  • Process and work through tough issues
  • Grow in better understanding and appreciation of your spouse
  • Set shared goals for the future
  • Renew trust and intimacy
  • Discover ways to deepen your faith and spiritual life together

The method that our Christian counselors use focuses on the concept of first knowing and understanding ourselves, becoming aware of our own needs and desires, and connecting to ourselves. This is an insight-oriented therapy which has proven to have 97% success rate.

The idea behind it is that we can function better once we better understand ourselves and learn who we are and why we behave in certain ways. These realizations and insights open doors for deep emotional and spiritual healing.

Our struggles take many forms. No struggle or issue is too great or too far gone for Christ. If you feel you are struggling, we are here to offer a helping hand. At Huntington Beach Christian Counseling, we have worked with and helped couples from all walks of life to find healing and restoration. Consider giving Christian marriage counseling a try. We are here to help!

How To Make A Relationship Work: Common Marital Problems And Solutions?

You can often hear statistics that don’t speak very optimistically about the success of marriages in the US. However, the truth is that most marriages are happy, and successful and unhappy marriages fall into the minority.

There are many reasons why you might be struggling in your marriage or feel that the danger of everything falling apart lurks around the corner. In some cases, it might be that there were a lot of little disappointments and hurts that have kept piling up over the years and now have grown into a seemingly unsurpassable problem. On the other hand, you might need to work through some foundational changes in your marriage in order to reach healing and restoration.

Differences in Communication between Men and Women

The studies of male and female brain in psychology have shown that they slightly differ in the way they function. For this reason, men and women think and act differently in certain situations. These differences might lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretation in communication, which could lead to further problems. These are the most common marital issues we encounter. Most of the things that spouses see as “deal breakers” are in fact a buildup of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and conflict.

Christian marriage counseling can help you get better at communicating by:

  • Recognizing obstacles to effective communication
  • Adopting more effective listening skills
  • Developing skills in reading nonverbal communication
  • Handling stress and emotional responses
  • Improving the ability to confidently share your feelings and needs

At Huntington Beach Christian Counseling we aim to share God’s idea and vision for marriage. It’s a holy, unique union, always requiring understanding and work in order to grow. Any process of personal or spiritual growth is hard since it often requires a lot of inner battles, as well as inevitable conflicts with the spouse who might be undergoing the same process as you.

We work together to help you understand each other and also accept the fact that change is needed for the improvement of your marriage and personal growth in your walk with God.

Trust Breakers in Marriage – Affairs, Infidelity and Sexual Addiction

This aspect of marital issues is where Christian counseling is very useful. Trying to work through trust issues caused by infidelity or some form of sexual addiction is very hard without the intervention of the third party.

The delicate nature of these issues rests upon the assurance of one spouse that this will never happen again, and the skepticism of the other who, understandably, has a very hard time believing such a promise. The cause for not being able to overcome this problem doesn’t lie in the inability to forgive, but in the fact that the underlying issues that caused the infidelity were never dealt with.

After a betrayal, Christian marriage counseling can help you restore your marriage by helping you work through:

  • Underlying issues that lead to things like affairs, sex, and pornography addiction. These are mostly caused by deeply rooted issues that are usually very hard to resolve without professional help
  • Processing symptoms of betrayal including flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, lack of sexual desire, depression and more
  • Understanding your emotions and fears, and growing as a couple, rebuilding the trust naturally rather than trying to force it

Dealing with infidelity and betrayal in marriage can seem like a hopeless road to take. Such feelings are completely normal. We want you to know that your marriage can recover! We have witnessed couples who have worked through the toughest of issues, only to come out on the other side stronger than ever. God is not a God of hopeless cases. Remember that the night is always the darkest right before the dawn, which brings the hope of a new day.

Godly Marriage – Faith and Spirituality as a Couple

We think that a God-centered marriage does make a difference. You have probably heard the saying that “couples who pray together, stay together.” Studies show that couples who share same Christian beliefs and values; that pray and worship together daily are 35% to 50% less likely to divorce.

Even though the Bible doesn’t teach of marrying outside of faith, there are cases, however, where partners don’t completely agree on the issues of faith. This is where Christian counseling can help.

If you and your spouse have different belief systems, our counselors can help you by:

  • Pointing out the importance of appreciating the spiritual needs of your spouse
  • Finding ways to connect despite the differences in your spirituality
  • Understanding decisions regarding faith and children
  • Using your faith to grow as a couple, in spite of differences in beliefs

You may be struggling because you are married to an unbeliever. We at Huntington Beach Christian Counseling offer support for discussing these sensitive issues. We also offer guidance for building stronger relationships in Christ.

Money Matters – Marriage and Finances

Times are hard and financial stability is very important. Money can place a huge stress on a marriage. Often financial difficulties can be helped by a financial adviser, but if these issues are a symptom of a deeper, underlying cause, it might be time to seek counseling.

Christian marriage counseling can help with money and finances by helping you:

  • Dealing with behaviors that cause financial issues such as gambling and shopping addictions
  • Working through financial infidelity by addressing the cause and working to build trust
  • Setting goals to build a more financially stable future
  • Learning to communicate better so you can budget and share financial responsibility

Money issues and financial troubles can grow from other underlying causes such as emotional or mental health problems. Worrying about money can put severe stress on any relationship.

Sexual Intimacy – How to Spice up Your Marriage

It is normal for couples to experience difficulties involving sex and intimacy. However, if these issues persist, or if they cause the communication to break down, it might be time to seek professional help. Christian marriage counseling can help you work through these problems, teaching you how to openly talk about these sensitive issues.

Christian marriage counseling can help with the following sexual problems:

  • Expectations and health of the high desire partner
  • Low sexual desire and frequency disagreements
  • Sexual performance issue and anxieties
  • Sex addiction

Sexual issues are usually caused by other underlying programs. During Christian counseling sessions we provide a safe place to openly talk about and resolve these problems as we guide you on a road to reclaiming healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Marriage After Baby – Parenting as a Couple

Children are one of the greatest joys in life and they fulfill any family. However, raising children is a huge responsibly which can bring up a lot of conflicts in marriages. The responsibility alone is a big enough challenge to take on, but when you add to that balancing work and other obligations as well as trying to find the time for your spouse, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. It is very important to act on these issues before they grow into bigger problems.

In Christian marriage counseling your counselor will help you by:

  • Recognizing areas of conflict and achieving compromise
  • Getting an insight into your own parenting style and the things which influence it
  • Identifying various parenting responsibilities and discussing how they can be shared fairly
  • Finding ways to better influence your children, promoting the desired behavior and ending the unwanted behavior
  • Defining the core values of each partner as it relates to child rearing
  • Finding ways to maintain a healthy, intimate marriage after children

Christian marriage counseling can help you learn how to keep a close, intimate relationship while parenting children as a couple.

Everything in our lives works together for good to those that love God. At Huntington Beach Christian Counseling, we are here to offer you hope and shine a light into your marriage, providing you with the necessary tools for coming out of the darkness.

The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

Divorce happens, and there are many reasons for it. Most of the times, spouses name the loss of hope as one of the main reasons for undertaking this step. They believed things would never get better so they needed a way to escape the pain.

There may be times when divorce is the best option, but it often leaves people feeling less happy. In fact, divorcees show an increase in issues related to depression and substance abuse. Make sure that the divorce is the last resort.

Here are some common effects of divorce:

  • Financial strain – The hard truth is that the divorce will cost you! The average cost for a divorce in the US is about $15 000. Marriage counseling is much more affordable, although it still remains one of the more common reasons why people don’t give marriage counseling a chance.
  • Negative effects for your children – When the divorce happens, those that suffer the most are the children. The divorce can have lasting consequences on them and cause them to act out, pull away from their parents, and even develop a fear of relationships. Their parents are their stability in life. Once that is taken away, their whole world is shaken up and they become uncertain about what’s in store for them.
  • Emotional and physical effects of divorce – Divorce is highly stressful for each party involved. Things won’t automatically get better, once you leave the marriage behind you. After the divorce, people are at a higher risk for sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Divorced people have shown to have 20% more health issues, including heart conditions, strokes, and cancer, than people who are married.

People struggle in marriages. When you come to the point where your marriage is in danger, you want to try and do everything to save it, because it’s worth the effort. At Huntington Beach Christian Counseling, we are passionate about helping struggling marriages overcome their seemingly hopeless situations. In the past we have helped couples, even those who were dissatisfied by previous counseling efforts, to overcome the direst of circumstances.

Keep in mind the following – if you manage to live through the crisis in your marriage and endure it for five years, you have an 80% chance of finding happiness in your marriage! When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Marriage is a community that God himself ordained and orchestrated. It is, therefore, worth fighting for with all that you’ve got. Here at Huntington Beach Christian Counseling, we place our trust in God that He will lead us all on the path of restoration, where we find rest. Marriage is a union designed by God to help us learn to love and grow closer to Christ.

Don’t give up hope! Your marriage can be saved. Let’s work together to restore it.

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